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Can I travel with my Macronesian credentials?

Currently Macronesia is not officially recognized as a country by other countries. We aim to work on getting recognition in the future. But you cannot currently use your Macronesian ID to travel to other countries.

What connection is there with Macaronesia?

Macaronesia is a group of islands in the Atlantic ocean, off the coast of Africa. Though it’s sometimes misspelled “Macronesia” there is no connection between us — other than that we welcome people from Macaronesia to get citizenship with us!

Can I keep my current nationality?

Immigrating to Macronesia does not require giving up your current nationality. This would be impossible anyway, since you need to live on physical territory and Macronesia is a “state of mind,” not of land.

What does “Macronesia” mean?

Macronesia’s name comes from macro (“large”) +  nesos (“island” in Greek). Thus: a large region made up of many large islands. The Earth itself is just this: a region of many large islands, otherwise known as continents and countries. The name Macronesia is a back-formation from Micronesia (“small islands”), which itself is derived from Polynesia (“many islands”). 

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