Meditation Room

This is a place to meditate. Some features:

  • You can choose any length from 1 minutes to 100 minutes via the drop down menu.
  • You can choose from several different types of background music, or none.
  • You can enter your own custom youtube id to play music from any youtube video. (Due to restrictions from Apple, this option is not available for iphones or ipads)
  • If you move your mouse, type on your keyboard or leave the page, the timer will pause. You can manually restart it when you are ready to return to meditation.
  • You can pause at any time by clicking the pause button. And you can reset if you feel like stopping.
  • After you finish you meditation session, you can choose to save it in your log book. Total time meditated will appear below the log. You must be logged in to save your log.
  • You can see a list of all the other people in the meditation room at that moment.

Happy meditating! Please proceed to the meditation room