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      To be free, you will need…. certificate of life, certificate of borne, certificate of conveyance and a certificate of employment. Back these up with a personal/family statement, a legal statement and an audit of consents/contracts and you are legally a free man.

      A certificate or a contract is just a peice of paper, notorised by some official (anyone that can co sign a passport, ie member of church??? Lol)

      All together, right or wrong I call that “reasonable belief”

      All of the above are the job of so called “governments” and “institutions” but if your fed up with hearing the scandal and corruption of these entities. Then any man has a human right to walk away and undertake these duties themselves.

      All can be done legally with reasonable belief, paperwork and rights. Just as your governments and institutions are currently doing for you.

      Could we help? Easily, will we? I would like to but time will tell.
      Peace n love x
      The Reverend Daniel Howell, hon PhD


        UPDATE… My dumbass cousin took on a crown court spouting his Freeman nonsense lol.
        But The Dude does Abide, just as The Free Man does exist… if abide is to exist then exist is to abide. Then The Free Man does Abide. The difference between being free and being savage is being reasonable to whoever you wish to reason.
        Where has phil gone wrong… if you have reasonable belief but cannot present said belief in a reasonable manner brings into question the reasonable aspect of the original reasonable belief….. fuck that’s right but what a tongue twister lol.
        We had a reasonable society once upon a time but gotta wake up and smell the kaluha, no one fully understands all that latiñ cross Saxon legalese, and if it cant be understood by common man then how can it stand in a court of law. We’re setting a precedence for the future generations and a new age of law.
        Non Assumsit… Meaning; Hey man, I don’t Assume anything man, I’m not trying to scam anyone and I mean no harm. No need to make an Ass outa U n Me x

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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