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      Looking at the only other topic in Dudeland, and the age of it, I can’t help feeling it’s time to revitalize this Macora through a philosophical discussion of – drumroll please – the Dudeist state-of-mind (not to be confused with our State of Mind residency).

      What exactly is the Dude? A hero? Perhaps. Lets get to the core and dig up some groovy points of view.

      How does one take ‘er easy in a world of sinners?
      Is abiding checking Facebook, petting a dog, walking through the woods, or catching a nap?
      What can be gleaned from the Dude’s experience of perpetual loss accompanied by his ability to enjoy a beverage through it all?
      Where does Lao Tzu end, and Mr. Lebowski … uh, I’m sorry, the Dude begin?
      Are the ‘old boy’ and the ‘man for his time and place’ both fictional ideals?
      Can we learn anything from Jeff Bridges real-life Dudeisms?
      And what about Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for our Dude – does he offer any dudely insights?

      Finally: a line in the sand must be drawn for when to take action, because it matters that “they’re going to kill that poor woman.”

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