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      Nomination for Representation to The State of Dudeland.

      I The Reverend Daniel Howell, Hon PhD would like to nominate myself, Representative to The Supreme Court for The State of Dudeland. I truly believe we deserve the right to live, work and travel freely, free Wifi, the right to raise our children and the ability to keep a record of our lives without hidden consents. 

      We do have these rights, people just seemed to have forgotten.

      Common Law acts as a promise to do no harm with the rights to live, work and travel freely (The Dude Abides). Anything further (TOE) can be bound by a “Legal Contract” and dealt with according. The simplest theory seems to be if its written down, recorded, and consented to then it constitutes as “Law”. 

      Unfortunately this simplistic ideal has been manipulated through out the world to restrict and control the rights of the people. Most countries bind their citizens from birth through various registrations giving their consent to unknown contracts. However if said Consent was given Under Protest/Non Assumpsit/Vi Coactus or without full understanding or alternatives then said Consent should be void. This is usually further reinforced with bully tactics and threats of recourse such as fines/charges/prison/institutions. 

      Im not trying to topple governments, step on anyone’s toes or save the world but some things need to change. The Supreme Court of Macronesia has the the opportunity to do just that by upholding the ideals of “Common Law” with the following additional rights. 

      Right to Wifi… The whole world has gone digital and with the majority of the worlds knowledge and personal information is available online everyone should have the right to access Wifi.

      Right to Raise a Child… One of the worlds most interfering traits, providing the basis for “Common Law” is intact, i.e No harm has taken place, Everyone should have the right to raise a child how they see fit.

      Right to Record… Most unknown contracts are consented to purely because there isnt a recognised alternative. Everyone should have the right to record births/deaths, record of abodes/private residence, record of employment of record method of conveyance. 

      (The Dude Abides)… To Exist

      (TOE)… Theory of Everything

      I mean no harm and I’m not trying to scam anyone, i just wanna see how far we can take this.

      Peace and Love, The Reverend Daniel Howell, Hon PhD.

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